Bitcoin prices in July 2019 and Libra Facebook forced the price of BTC to possibly drop to $ 8,000 or Rp. 112,000,000 mainly negative sentiment from President Trump.

Price of Bitcoin in July 2019

Crypto news about BTC price developments. And the emergence of the Libra plan from Facebook that has positive and negative effects on the crypto world. For friends who invest or users of digital money, it is suitable to read this article.

The price of bitcoin and other crypto is experiencing a steady increase lately. Especially Bitcoin which reached the range of 11,000 during June to July 2019. In addition there are new challenges from the cryptocurrency world with the existence of Libra, which was pioneered by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. This can have both positive and negative effects on the natural decentralization of crypto and the nature of the blockchain. Next we will review further.

Libra Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed the establishment of a new digital currency called Libra. This project is collaborating with Paypal, Master Card, Visa and of course Mark Zuckerberg’s entire social media network. With a total user they are 3-4 trillion inhabitants of planet earth.

Libra itself is a digital currency with the nature of inflation. The intensity of inflation is controlled by the Libra Board which consists of the director of the founder of the company Libra. With Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Paypal networks already established. Then it is certain that Libra will become the dominant currency in the world.

In addition to large funding and lobbying against companies and state leaders. Then Libra will certainly beat a lot of the country’s national money and crypto today. The enormous power over world finances will be controlled by Libra. This had triggered a lot of central bank consolidation in the world.

It can also threaten the character of Bitcoin and similar currencies. But especially Bitcoin which is not a traditional bank, government, and strong corporation. Besides Bitcoin has many obstacles by the state bureaucracy in the world. However only time can prove. Is the character of a non-inflationary currency like the BTC that is victorious or Libra.

So far the price of bitcoin in July 2019 is fairly stable and is creeping up. Based on the latest developments in the crypto world. Then ensures that Bitcoin will reach the price of 8,000 USD in the July 2019 period. For friends who don’t want to miss a valuable moment, today is the time to start. Because the possibility of a market shock will occur in August