Picky Investment in the Pandemic Period for Beginners

Picky Investment in the Pandemic Period for Beginners

JAKARTA – A sluggish economy due to the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) does not mean not investing. Precisely this moment must be utilized to choose the right instrument in order to get additional income.

This is because the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the industry and other business sectors hard enough so that it cannot work normally. This has an impact on reduced income and termination of employment. Investment can be additional income to overcome economic difficulties in the pandemic.

BRI Bank Private Banker M Arief Nur Firmansyah said investment must begin early. At least 20 percent of income must be channeled into investment.

There are a number of steps a novice investor must take before starting to conduct investment activities. First , set goals in the near future. It aims to choose the right type of investment and adjust it to the risk profile.

“For the pandemic, it is suitable to go into investments with a low profile and safe, especially as an investor, especially beginners,” he said, Tuesday (5/26/2020).

Second , if in the near future need to spend such as school fees, the type of placement of funds that are short and low risk is money market mutual funds and government bonds.

According to him, government bonds are considered safe because the guarantor is the government. If deposits in the form of deposits with a value of up to Rp2 billion are guaranteed by LPS, government bond guarantees can be greater, namely up to Rp3 billion per each investor.

The funds placed in the form of government bonds will be used to finance a number of projects for the benefit of the community such as irrigation and toll roads.

Government bonds are divided into four namely retail sukuk, retail state bonds (ORI), Sukuk Tabungan, and retail Saving bonds. Purchasing government bonds starts with a minimum price of Rp1 million.

In the near future, namely June 2020, the government plans to issue ORI Series 17. The purchase of bonds is considered more profitable because the tax is cheaper than deposits, which is only 15 percent, has a term of 3 years, and a fixed coupon.

“Buddy BRI can buy online through SBN BRI, registering a bond order account until payment can be made online . If for example you are still confused with online, you can visit the nearest work unit,” he said.

In addition to government bonds, novice investors can also try money market mutual funds. This type of mutual fund has the lowest level of risk. Money market funds have lower risk because funds are placed on products with short maturities.

Investors just come to the nearest licensed bank working unit that already has a permit to sell mutual funds. In BRI, there are 100 priority branches that already have licenses to sell money market mutual funds.

Requirements are also quite easy, namely by bringing a KTP, savings book, and NPWP. As an option, auto debit services can also be selected which will carry out savings savings on a regular basis to be distributed to these mutual funds.

“So, get into the habit of saving mutual funds every month, starting from Rp 100,000, can already invest with mutual funds,” he said.