The Best Investment During the Crisis in Indonesia

The Best Investment During the Crisis in Indonesia

The economic crisis is an event whose arrival is unexpected. Indonesia has experienced many economic crises, and the worst recorded in 1998. In overcoming the crisis, you can do a variety of ways one of which is investment. It should be noted that there are investment instruments that do not budge and still generate profits in times of crisis, but those who have the opposite, namely losers.

Investment is clearly a solution for all those who need security at the source of funds. Also, the results can be enjoyed in the long term and qualified to prosper in times of crisis. For that, you can invest in the following investments that are followed from several sources, one of which is Here are the best investments in times of crisis as an option:

Gold Investment

Channeling your funds to buy grams of gold seems to be able to protect your finances during a crisis. Turning money in savings into gold not only saves from inflation but is capable of helping when you are in need of long-term funds. The price of gold in Indonesia is relatively stable and tends to rise. Bullion investment is one investment whose value is stable because it is not easily eroded by financial market fluctuations. Of course in the long run this investment is far more profitable

The increase in the exchange rate of the dollar against the rupiah makes the decline in world gold prices in recent years the influence is not too tasteful in Indonesia. Because the world price of gold is calculated in dollars so even though the world price of gold fell in dollars but the decline was offset by the increase in the value of the dollar against the rupiah. Suddenly, this will provide double benefits for gold investors. If the dollar continues to rise accompanied by an increase in the price of gold, or also a double loss when the price of gold goes down and the value of the dollar also goes down.

Foreign currency

The hobby of collecting foreign currency and then focusing it into investment is the right choice. The value of foreign currencies such as the dollar for example can protect you from the economic crisis. As we know that the American dollar has continued to increase its exchange rate in the last three years. In fact, in 2015 it had broken through to Rp 14,000. This condition is actually a benefit for foreign currency investors, especially the dollar.

For example, you have started this investment in 2010. At that time the dollar exchange rate was Rp9,000-Rp10,000. Of course in 2015 when a crisis occurs, you will get a profit of around Rp4,000 or almost 50% of your capital. If in a crisis you sell your dollars, you can imagine how much profit you got at that time. And the percentage of profit is very difficult to compete with other investment products in the same period.

Mutual Funds

There are still many individuals who are new to investing in mutual funds. Though the mutual fund’s profit value is quite promising, even for investors who want to invest in the long term. The risk of loss is also minimal compared to stock investments. By choosing equity mutual funds or mixed mutual funds, you will indirectly invest in the capital market, but our funds will be managed by investment managers who are experienced in this field. For this investment option, look for mutual funds whose Net Asset Value (NAV) has dropped significantly during the crisis. Also, running this investment is easier because you are assisted by an Investment Manager.

For those of you who want to invest and protect sources of funds, you can choose mutual funds. Experts suggest taking mutual funds that are able to survive in all economic weather cycles. When economic conditions are deteriorating, you can choose a fixed income mutual fund product, and when the economic conditions have started to bright, switch to a qualified stock mutual fund that gives high returns. Usually after a crisis, the value of equity funds goes higher. Fortunately again, mutual fund investment can start with low capital. If you still doubt investing in mutual funds, first read the article Can You Invest in Low-Capital Investment?

Times of crisis can actually be used as an opportunity to invest as long as we can invest intelligently and carefully. Therefore, be glad to see an opportunity. And invest early on.