Many people submit questions about how the forex trading method for a beginner. Because in the usual is still not small traders beginners who do not really understand the proper techniques for them to work on forex trading. One of the keys that should and must be implemented by all the novice trader is to learn. 

Forex stock analysis

Without learning about what you have done in the forex market adalah sebuah mistake that will certainly cut you into the greatest losses. Surely we do not want to right the funds you deposited into the trading account we disappeared without handing the advantage of not much else? 

So that we do not fall by the answers prankster misleading or those opportunity seekers in the middle of one’s ignorance. These things you must do to start trading forex. 

1. Understand True What is Forex Trading

If you have a close acquaintance who trade forex, try asking him to sooth us to know what the forex trading. However, in the usual lazy a forex trader will declare what he is doing to ordinary people who just want to know, then of the “seriousness” flavor you want to know about forex trading need to be emphasized. 

If we do not have a close acquaintance of people, try not to be shown a willingness to trade forex with strangers. Rather, look for information themselves about the understanding of forex trading past articles, such as our writings contained in the blog. Visit our article here. 

After that, we will understand that forex trading is not only about the profit in the form of dollars or to buy car only. Like any other business, forex trading also contains risks, if any, can scare your financial welfare. Not ready to risk? Do not force yourself, passable know. Look for different businesses that we are ready to bear the risk. 

2. Learn Trading With a Demo Account

Trading with a demo account, which is working on trading with the real situation, but the sums involved are not real. So if a loss, we’re not going to lose your money for real. Similarly if a profit, the profit is not redeemable / withdraw. 

So what if you want to start trading on a demo account past? You can open a demo account passes to meet the form here. After the Metatrader software downloads on smartphones and pc you are passing through this link. Once the download is complete, please login pass no demo account that you registered earlier beginning. And congratulations trade on a demo account. 

But if you want to try to directly pass real account trading and want to learn to pass real account, you can follow these steps here. 

1. Find Trusted Forex Broker

forex brokers for fitting in the heart bother easy. Because you are a novice trader who departed from the small capital, the broker is a forex broker that matches abroad. 

“Safe is not?” That the consequences if one chose the outside brokers. “Then I was trading at a local brokerage lah” It’s okay, but the view of your capital. Indonesia regulated forex broker Bappebti not typically require a small deposit. 

So how, then? Returning again to the consequences which are better able to bear. But do not worry, it does not mean there is no solution. Astronacci strongly encourage and recommend you to trade in the MRG Premiere. MRG Premiere adalahbroker forex secure and reliable. For more info you can see here. 

2. Register To Broker Such

Once we pursue the right and reliable broker for you, what you need to do is open a trading account with the broker. How to? You only need to meet the data ourselves properly on the broker. To process your friends can see here. If there are obstacles at the moment working on the trading account registration, please contact the broker’s customer care here. 

3. Deposit Funds In our Account

After you have a real trading account so that we do is make a deposit of funds or put your money into your trading account was to be able to start trading forex. For the deposit process please ask the broker customer care here. 

4. Start Trading

When registration and deposit your refund is complete, that you need to do is download the Metatrader platform on a smartphone or PC that we will use for trading. You can download it here. Once the download is complete, please login wear your trading account number. If you have problems or need help when working on login or when trading, immediately contact the broker’s customer care here. 

Well, that started trading steps to a beginner who want to venture into the forex market. If there are still obstacles to trade, should not forget to continue studying past articles or for people who are already seasoned in the world of trading. Remember, do not be lazy to learn if you do not want to lose your money in vain. Good luck!